Create Announcement

  • From the Menu tab, click “Announcements
  • Select “Create Announcement”, type in a subject and type in the announcement message in the text editor. (note that the new text editor allows for copy/paste from Word or Excel
  • Select Options desired
  • Update: The default option is now "Not Date Restricted. 
  • Select, if desired, "Send a copy ... immediately". This option will have an email sent of the announcement to users. Note: users will see/receive announcements in the new Global Navigation area.
  • You can also add a Course Link to the announcement. Adding a course link will redirect the user to that area or item within the course
  • Click Submit

Edit/Delete Announcement

  • Click the chevron to the right of the announcement and select "Edit" to update the announcement message
  • Select "Delete" to remove the announcement
  • Click Submit


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