Create the Test / Exam

  1. Log in to your Blackboard course and select Tests, Surveys and Pools located in the Course Tools area under Control Panel
  2. Select (click) Tests then select Build Test on the Tests page
  3. Fill in Test Information (Name, Description and Instructions) in each of the respective text boxes, click Submit
  4. Clicking Submit will take you to the Test Canvas page
  5. Before selecting the type of questions, click the Question Settings on the right of Add to modify the settings for your test/quiz, e.g., feedback; add images; scoring; or display. Click Submit when finished
  6. Now select the types of questions by clicking the down arrow to the right of Create Question; Reuse Question; or Upload Question Add
  7. Type in the Question Title, Question Text, Options, Answers, Feedback, etc.., and click Submit
  8. Continue Steps 7 and 8; when all questions are entered, click OK; the test will be highlighted under Add Test option.
  9. Click Submit to finish

Can I create my test in a Word document and upload to Blackboard?
There is not a Blackboard way to do this; however, below is a link to Northeast Wisconsin Technical College site where they have a Blackboard Test Generator resource if you would like to check it out.
Create the test in Word using the format as shown in this sample:
Sample of Word Test
  • Copy (Ctrl+A) the question text in the Word document. Go to the website for the Test Generator (below link)
  • Paste the copied question text into the dialog box and click Generate
  • Click Download to save as a .txt file when the test text shows on the right. 
  • Ready to upload into Blackboard. Login into Blackboard 
  • Create an Assessment, Test, Create Test. Type in the assessment name description, and instructions..
    Click Submit)
  • On the Test Canvas page, select Upload Questions, select the file you saved from
    the NWTC Test Generator 
  • Questions will be uploaded and displayed in Blackboard

Watch the instructional video Step 1 for creating and Step 2 for adding to Blackboard. (Thanks to


Edit Description or Instructions

  • Select Tests, Surveys and Pools located in the Course Tools area under Control Panel
  • Select (click) Tests. Select (click) the chevron to the right of the test name;  select Edit 
  • At the top of the Test Canvas page, click the chrevron to the right of "TEST CANVAS: Test_Name"; select Edit
  • The Test Information page now allows for editing of the Name; Description and Instructions
  • Click Submit

Watch Video

Deploy the Test

Select the content area tab where the test will be deployed (for example Exams)

  1. Select (click) Assessment to view drop-down options (not Build Content); select Test
  2. Click Add Test from the menu bar; select the test (created above) from the menu list
  3. Click Submit, click OK

Select Modify the Test Options


Test Availability Options: 

  • Make available Yes/No
  • Add announcement Yes/No
  • Multiple Attempts
  • Force Completion: If selected, the test must be completed once started
  • Set Timer : If selected, type in test time. Selecting will record the completion time for the test and students will see the timer option before they begin the test.
    • Auto-Submit option (*NEW*) - If you select ON, the test will save and submit automatically when the time expires. Leaving the default OFF the student may continue past the alloted time and the test will show in Needs Grading
  • *NEW* Test Availability Exceptions:  Add exceptions for student(s) or group of students that need additional attempts; additional time; or availability dates exceptions.
    • You must enable the Timer and Force Completion option above to enable settings for Exceptions
    • Select the student(s) by click "Add User or Group"
    • Select the student or group by placing a checkmark in the box to the left of the name and click Submit
    • Select (modify) the Attempts; Timer; Auto Submit; Availability and Force Completion options for this exception
  • Due Date: By entering a due date and time, the test will be shown on the student's calendar on that date. Can also select the "Do not allow students to start the Test if the due dates has passed option 
  • Include in Grade Center Score Calculations:
  • *New* Show Test Results and Feedback to Students: You can select to have results and feedback available after students complete test. Can also set up rules for showing Score, Answers, Feedback and Show Incorrect Questions options
  • Test Presentation Mode: Suggest selecting One at a Time instead of All at Once
  • Randomize Questions: Check to select to randomize question order 
Click Submit

Re-Grade Options *New*

Need to change, edit, or delete a question or questions?  After the test has been deployed if you delete a question, change point value of a question, or change which answer is marked correct Blackboard will re-grade all submitted assessments and provide notification of change