Use Excel or Word to Create Exams or Tests

How Do You Do This?


Create questions in Excel

  1. Open a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
  2.  Format and enter each question in a unique row/cell
  3.  Save the worksheet as a Text; Tab Delimited file

Create test in Blackboard

  1. Access Control Panel; Course Tools, Test Surveys and Pools, Tests; Build Test
  2. Type in name for the test and any description and/or instructions
  3. Click Submit
  4. On the Test Canvas page, select Upload Questions
  5. Select Browse to the locate the Excel file (text, tab delimited format) you saved above
  6. Enter the points to be assigned to each question and click Submit

You should now see your test questions reformatted for Blackboard; click OK to accept

For printed, detailed instructions and examples of formatted questions/answers view (or print) the below PDF instructions

Create Tests in Excel


There is not a Blackboard way to do this; however, below is a link to Northeast Wisconsin Technical College site where they have a Blackboard Test Generator resource if you would like to check it out.
Create the test in Word using the format as shown in this sample:
Sample of Word Test
  • Copy (Ctrl+A) the question text in the Word document. Go to the website for the Test Generator (below link)
  • Paste the copied question text into the dialog box and click Generate
  • Click Download to save as a .txt file when the test text shows on the right. 
  • Ready to upload into Blackboard. Login into Blackboard 
  • Create an Assessment, Test, Create Test. Type in the assessment name description, and instructions..
    Click Submit)
  • On the Test Canvas page, select Upload Questions, select the file you saved from
    the NWTC Test Generator 
  • Questions will be uploaded and displayed in Blackboard

Watch the instructional video Step 1 for creating and Step 2 for adding to Blackboard. (Thanks to