Create a Blackboard Survey

Creating a survey in Blackboard is similar to creating a test in Blackboard. The main difference is that a survey gives data on a group level and does not provide, nor connected to, a specific individual.

Survey results can be viewed or downloaded to a spreadsheet and the results are accessed from the Grade Center, although there are no points associated with the questions (grading options).

Create Survey

  • Select Course Tools from the Control Panel
  • Select Tests, Surveys and Pools
  • Select Surveys
  • Select Build Survey. Type in a name, description and instructions. Click Submit

The Survey Canvas page opens where you can add and edit questions, reorder questions, and review the survey before deploying it.\

  • Select Create Question to view the list of available question types; select the question type to proceed
  • Type in the Question Title and Text (depends on the type of question selected). Note that any option "starred" is required.
  • Click Submit. Continue these steps to add additional questions. 

Deploy the Survey

  • Select the area where you want to place the survey (e.g., Assignments, Documents)
  • Select (click) Create Assessment button near the top of the page; select Survey
  • On the Add Survey page, select the survey name created above
  • Click Submit
  • Choose the options desired on the Survey Options page
  • Open Survey in New Window Yes/No; Make available Yes/No; Add announcement Yes/No; Multiple Attempts; Force Completion; etc.
  • Click Submit

Review Results

Results can be viewed from within Blackboard or downloaded to a spreadsheet

To view in Blackboard:

  • From the Control Panel, select (click) Grade Center,Full Grade Center, select (click) the chevron to the right of the survey column name
  • Select (click) on Attempts Statistics from the drop-down men

To download to a spreadsheet:

  • From the Control Panel, select (click) Grade Center, Full Grade Center, select (click) the chevron to the right of the survey column name
  • Select (click) on Download Results from the drop-down menu, the delimiter format does not need to be changed; however, select desired options for Format Of Results; Attempts to Download
  • Select Click to download results
  • Save the file

Download PDF Instructions