LTU uses a Home Page on Canvas to keep the consistent look throughout the courses. This page is editable in certain fields which include the text and images. You can change the text (Module/Week/Session/Topic) and images. It is not recommended to replace the page itself.

All CRN semester courses will have the basic template already in place. If it's a new course you'll need to make the edits, or if it was a previously taught course you'll need to reassign the old Home Page.

If you have a development site you will need to import the basic template from Design Tools.

Below are instructions on how to do these certain things.

Canvas Mission

Changing Text

To change the text, (Module/Week/Session/Topic), place the cursor where desired. This can be at the beginning of Module, after Module, etc.
Highlight the rest and either delete or start typing. The renaming can be as simple as Module 0...1....2... etc. Or you can get a little more detailed by adding a topic to it such as Sedimentary Rocks.

Changing Text


To link to the buttons on the Home Page, click on the title.
Off on the right there are three different tabs: Links, Files, and Images.
Click Links
Click Pages accordion, locate, and click the page that will be linked to that button
Click Modules accordion and locate and click the module that will be linked to that button


To ensure that the image retains its dimensions on the template use the following method:

For ease of changing images be sure to upload the images to Files in Canvas first.
If you are unsure how to upload to the File system go to the Files eHelp page.

  • Click on the image you want to change
  • Click the Image icon on the text box toolbar, second row, fifth from the left.
Module 0 Embedded Image

A pop-up window will appear click Canvas

  1. Select Canvas tab
  2. Click Course Files
  3. If you have used the folder system in Files then locate the folder and then the image, if you have not used the folder system then scroll through until you find the image 
  4. Click Update

Image Source Canvas

Adding Home Page in Demo or Development Course

  1. Click Pages
  2. Select +Page and the edit screen appears
    Create New Page
  • Name the page _Front Page
  • Launch Design Tools (click on the “rocket ship” top right hand side of page)
  • Select “Create/Edit Content
  • Click “Copy existing content
  • Expand “Institutional templates” and select “Front Page”. Page loads.
  • Click Save & Publish. Page loads

Adding Home Page

Select the three (3) dots to the right of the page and select Use as Front Page
Use Front Page

Now set the this Front Page as the Home Page

  1. Click Home
  2. Select Choose Home Page from the right hand pane
  3. Click the button for Pages Front Page _Front Page
  4. Click Save

Assign Front Page

Depending on the semester and how many modules you plan to have, you may need more of the image content blocks, as shown below. 

Module Example 1

Module Example 2

Module Example 3

Module Example 4

  • Go to Home
  • Click on Edit
  • Click on Design Tools (rocketship icon), top right
  1. Select Create/Edit Content
  2. Select Add/Rearrange Content Blocks
  3. Click +Add Block (a pop-out window will appear)
  4. Select which ones you want by pressing the green + icon

Add Blocks and Design Tools

When the new semester arrives and courses are created in Canvas, you can copy over your prior Canvas course (last time taught). If you copy your prior course to new semester, you will notice you do not have the previous Home Page. Canvas does not reassign the previous Home Page so you will need to re-set the Home Page. The below instructions will step your through how to do this:

  1. Go to Pages
  2. Click View All Pages
  3. Locate the page you want to reassign as the Front Page and click the three dots in the row
  4. Click Use as Front Page from the drop-down

Reassign Home Page