Canvas has a Syllabus link right on the Course Navigation. This is where the course syllabus will be placed for students to find and review. Your syllabus can be displayed in various ways. The two most common are with the Design Tools Template or a File Upload.

Design Tools Template


File Upload


Use of Design Tools (CidiLabs) to add Syllabus Template

LTU has pre-designed templates that have been approved by each college that you can add and edit from within Canvas. The template has sections pre-loaded such as: Course Outcomes, Course Schedule, Student Assessment, University Policies, and Academic Integrity

To load and edit the Syllabus Template (specific to college) in Canvas

  • Select Syllabus, and on the  Course Syllabus page, select Edit
  • In edit mode, select Design Tools ('rocket ship ' at top right) and select Create/Edit Syllabus Content
  • Scroll down, click Copy Existing Content to expand; select Institution Template Pages
  • Highlight and select the appropriate college syllabus template. The template will load in edit mode to be updated. When finished editing make sure to select Update Syllabus


Want to upload your locally saved syllabus?

Add a locally saved syllabus by uploading the file into Canvas

  • From the Course Navigation select Files
  • Select Upload from the right-hand side
  • Locate and select your syllabus document, click Open



  • Select Syllabus from the course navigation menu
  • Select Edit (top right-hand corner)
  • Highlight the text, Post Syllabus Here, inside the Text Editor box and delete
  • Select Files (left-hand side panel, 2nd tab). Scroll and locate syllabus file
  • Click the file to add the link into the Text Editor
  • Make sure to click Update Syllabus