Use of Design Tools (CidiLabs) to add Syllabus Template

To load and edit the Syllabus Template (specific to college) in Canvas

  • Log into course and select Syllabus from either the course navigation area or the Syllabus tab on the Home Page
  • On the Course Syllabus page, select Edit
  • In edit mode, select Design Tools (Rocket) and select Create/Edit Syllabus Content
  • Scroll down and click on Copy Existing Content to expand and select Institution Template Pages
  • Click to highlight and select appropriate college syllabus template
  • The template is now displayed and is in edit mode to be updated. When finished editing click Update Syllabus
  • Syllabus template now loaded to the course

Want to upload your locally saved syllabus?

Add a locally saved syllabus by uploading the file into Canvas

  1. From Canvas course, go to Syllabus (either click on Syllabus tab link on the Home Page or click on Syllabus menu on the course navigation menu
  2. Select Edit on the Course Syllabus page (top right hand corner)
  3. Click inside the text editor to position the cursor, type a placeholder e.g., "Course Syllabus" and highlight.
  4. Select the Files tab (on right hand side) and choose +Upload a new file (if you have not already uploaded the syllabus to Canvas).
  5. Browse and select your syllabus file and click Upload. The document will be saved in your Canvas course and the link will be updated in the text editor.
  6. Select Update Syllabus to save!