When you have added content, assignments, quizzes, and recording links to the course, it is a good (no great) idea to view the course as a student. Student View allows you to actually see what student sees.

Yes, you can take a test, quiz, submit an assignment, and check grades from student view (creates a user “Test Student” in Gradebook!)

Click Student View button on the right-hand side of Home page or Settings page. Then you can go through and examine items in the course.  Take a quizzes, view grades, access all links as a student would in the published course.





Click on Leave Student View at the bottom right when done with the preview.
(The Reset Student option clears all history for this student, allowing you to view the course as a brand new student)

Note: Items that are unpublished, locked or made unavailable by you, the instructor, throughout the course will not be available in the Student View so this means that they will also not be available to enrolled students in the published course.