The Settings navigation link, located on the left-hand side in your course, is where you can easily update and see the different users and sections, and you can also modify the navigation of your course. Depending on your permissions, you can edit differing levels of the course settings.

Default Settings of more options



Canvas contains a grade scheme by default in the course, however, you may want to use a different scheme based on your assignment, course, department, or university standards.

Create a Grading Scheme

  • Select Settings from course Home page
  • Scroll down on the Course Details setting page until you see Grading Scheme
  • Place a check mark in “Enable course grading scheme ”. The “View/Edit Grading Scheme” page opens
  • Options Available
    • Edit the default Canvas Scheme
    • Select another scheme (if available)
    • Add a new grading scheme
  • Select “manage grading scheme” opens the Grading Schemes page.
  • Click +Add grading scheme to create a new scheme
  • Type in a name for the Grading Scheme
  • Go through and edit the ranges to match percentages for the scheme, e.g., Letter grade C may be from 74 - 77%, select and change to % to 77. Tabbing out of the selection box updates the ranges below.
  • To delete a range, click the X to the right of the range to delete.
  • Click Save

To Use, Add Grade Scheme to an Assignment

  • Create a new assignment (Assignments, +Assignment)
  • Enter assignment name, description, points, assignment group.
  • The option “Display Grade as”, click the down arrow and select Letter Grade, this opens the “Viewing Grading Scheme” page.
  • Click “Select Another Scheme” and select the desired scheme. Select (click) the scheme name (hyperlink) to attach.
  • Click Done

Once attached to the assignment when you enter the point value for the assignment, the Gradebook display the Letter Grade and the point value entered.

Announcements on the Home Page

  • Click on Settings in the Course Navigation.
  • Scroll down in the Course Details until you see more options
  • Click more options
  • Click the checkbox 'Show recent announcements on Course home page'

The default shown will be 3 but you may change to your needs.

  • Click on Settings in the Course Navigation.
  • Scroll down in the Course Details until you see more options
  • Click more options
  • Click the checkbox(s):
    • Allow students to attach files to discussion replies by clicking Let students attach files to Discussions
    • Allow students to create new discussion topics by clicking Let students create Discussion Topics
    • Allow students to edit or delete their own discussion posts by clicking Let students edit or delete their own discussion posts

Through Course Settings


Through Course Discussion


You can upload an image to display behind the course card in the Canvas Dashboard. Accepted images include JPG, JPEG, GIF, and PNG files. For best practice, images should be approximately 262 pixels wide by 146 pixels high.

Images can also be added from Flickr; the search results display images with a Creative Commons public domain license.

When added to a course, images display behind a color overlay in the course card. The overlay color is a user setting defined individually by each user in the Dashboard. Although the color overlay can be completely removed by a user, best practice is to use an image that can display well behind a variety of colors.

You will need to first turn on the feature through the Feature Options of the Settings tab.


Simply click the 'Toggle' switch, which is defaulted in grey with an 'X', next to Enable Dashboard Images for Courses to turn it on, it will show green with a '√'.

Next you'll click on Course Details

Click the Choose Image button.

Find an Image


To upload your own image, drag and drop your image in your browser. Or, to browse your computer and locate an image, click the browse your computer link.

Images will automatically upload, but larger images may take a few seconds to process. The image will be centered, so if the width of the image exceeds the recommended width, the sides of the image will be cut off.