As an instructor, you can create, edit, and delete rubrics in your course. Rubrics are used as grading criteria for students and can be added to assignments, quizzes, and graded discussions. Not all rubrics need to have outcomes with them. This section will go over how to create a rubric with criterion.


  • Rubrics cannot be edited once they have been added to more than one assignment.
  • When you delete a rubric, Canvas will remove the rubric from all associated assignments in the course and remove any existing scores and assessments given using the rubric.

To add a new criterion, click Add New Criteria. Add description, add a longer description, and then click Create Criteria.

It is created with a two-rating scale where you can add more and you can also edit. To edit, click pencil. Change the rubric score, change title, add a description, and when complete, press Update

To add additional ratings, click on the small plus sign. Edit and when complete press Update Rating

To make the criteria a range, click the box to the right of Range and you now have a range for your criteria