Instructors can use New Quizzes to create assessments using a variety of questions types. New Quizzes assessments display as assignments in the Assignments page and can be duplicated. Students can take New Quizzes assessments within their Canvas courses.

New Quizzes is not on by default.
To turn on New Quizzes

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click the Navigation tab at the top
  3. In the New Quizzes row click the toggle button to turn it to a green check mark.


Go to Quizzes

Select +Quiz from top right hand side of page

A pop up window will ask if you want to use Classic Quizzes or New Quizzes, click New Quizzes.

An assignment page will load up

  1. In the Assignment Name field, enter the name of your assessment.
  2. To enter assessment details, enter the total points possible
  3. Select the assignment group
  4. Choose how the grade is displayed to students
  5. Assign due date

Click Save.


Once saved this will bring you to the Build page.

In the Build page

  1. Edit the title and description of your assessment,
  2. View your item banks,
  3. Align the assessment to outcomes,
  4. Preview the assessment from the student view, and
  5. Navigate the assessment.
  6. To add content to your assessment, click the Add button.


This section are basic instructions on how to create questions, go to the Question Types page to learn in detail of the different types of questions and how they work.

  1. To insert content from an item bank, click the Item Bank button. 
  2. To create a new question, click the button for the question type
  3. To add stimulus content, click the stimulus button.


You can adjust delivery settings for an assessment in New Quizzes. These options will adjust the way that an assessment is delivered to students.

To edit the point total, assignment group, due date, availability dates, and the individual students and course sections who will receive the assessment, edit the assessment from the Assignments page.

  1. Shuffles the order questions are displayed to students.
  2. Shuffles the order answers are displayed to students for multiple choice, multiple answer, and matching quiz questions.
  3. Displays one question at a time to students. Allow Backtracking is enabled by default.
  4. Require students to enter an access code to take an assessment.
  5. Set a time limit for an assessment. Enter the time limit using the Hours and Minutes fields.
  6. Filter IP addresses for the assessment.
  7. Enable an on-screen calculator for the entire assessment. Select either the Basic or Scientific calculator option.


  1. Allow multiple attempts for an assessment. To assign which score to keep for student grades, select the option in the Score to keep drop-down menu. You can choose to keep the highest score, latest score, or average score.
    By default, students will be allowed unlimited attempts when the Allow multiple attempts option is enabled. To set a limited number of attempts, select the Limited option. Then select the number of attempts you want to allow.
    To set a waiting period between attempts, click the Require time between attempts checkbox. Then select the days, hours, and minutes to require students to wait before they can begin a new attempt.
  2. Restrict students from viewing assessment results.