Question Banks: Canvas Question Banks store questions that can be added to quizzes across courses.

  • You can move questions into a Question Bank,
  • You can select questions from a Question Bank and add to a quiz (or quizzes), and,
  • When you create a question in a quiz, Canvas puts the question into the quiz and also into Question Bank called “Unfiled Questions
Creating Question Banks
  • Select Quizzes
  • Select three (3) dots to the right of +Quiz and click Manage Question Banks


  1. Click +Add Question Bank
  2. Bank Name: type in a name and press Enter


Once the bank or banks have been created it is time to start populating them or editing them.

Click the Question Banks' name to open the edit mode

From here you can:

To add new questions to the bank click +Add a Question

Choose the question type(s) and begin entering your questions and answers
We have the different questions types listed under the Classic Quizzes section

The question creation is similar to that of creating them in a quiz under +New Question


You can move multiple questions from one question bank to another. When moving multiple questions to a question banks, you will not have the option to leave a copy in the original question bank.

FireFox ONLY: If you want to copy your questions instead of moving them, you can copy questions individually.

  1. Click Move Multiple Questions 
  2. A pop-up window will appear
    You will go through a select one or multiple questions you want to move
  3. Select the question bank they will go into, you can also create a new bank from here as well.
  4. Click Move Questions


Bookmark (The Bookmark feature allows you to keep track of frequently accessed Question Banks. When you bookmark a Question Bank, it can be accessed in any other course you teach).

The Bookmark feature allows you to keep track of frequently accessed Question Banks. When you bookmark a Question Bank, it can be accessed in any other course you teach. Bookmarks save you time from having to search through Question Banks, especially if your course or account contains a significant number of Question Banks.


  • Bookmarking a Question Bank only affects where that Bank can be accessed. Bookmarked banks can still be used and edited like other Question Banks. 
  • Question Banks you create will be bookmarked by default.

There are two places you can bookmark the question bank(s)

Bookmark on the Manage Question Banks Page


Bookmark on a Specific Question Bank Page


If you have a QTI file, or a zip file from a publisher you can import them into Canvas.

Note: Not all publishers have Canvas compatible quizzes.

Requesting / Receiving

When requested, the publisher of the textbook may be able to send a link to download test banks for that particular textbook. Only the instructor or department has the authorization to request these test banks from the publisher.

When the email is received with the download link (URL), select the URL and download the zipped file to the local computer. WIth the zip file downloaded you can then import it into Canvas.

Upload / Import into Canvas Course

Select Settings from Canvas course Navigation

Select Import Course Content


  1. Click the drop-down arrow to the right of Content Type and select file
  2. Click Browse to select the extracted folder/file location to the right of Source
  3. Select Import. The import may take a while the progress bar will indicate when completed


Creating a Quiz from the Test Bank

Importing a test bank into Canvas will create and add both the Question bank (Manage Question Banks) and an unpublished quiz (Quizzes).

The quiz can be deleted since it contains ALL of the questions for that chapter and just create a new quiz, adding questions from banks, when needed.

For step-by-step instructions on creating quizzes, review our eHelp website page:  Create Classic Quiz