Before you can begin peer reviewing your classmate(s), you must first submit your own work to be peer reviewed. Note: If this a group work that requires only one submission to be submitted on behalf of the group, the team leader should be the one to do the submission process.

Submitting a peer review assignment is just the same as submitting a normal assignment:

  • Log into Canvas
  • Select the course with the assignment
  • In Course Navigation, click on the Assignments link
  • Click the Peer Review Assignment
  • Click Submit Assignment
  • Generally the submitting type will be a File Upload
  1. Choose the file you are submitting
  2. Click the check box if it is there
  3. Click Submit Assignment

Your instructor can assign you to review another student's assignment. You can view peer review notifications in Canvas in the Recent Activity Stream, the To Do list, and from the individual assignment page. Once peer reviews are assigned, you will also be notified via email.

View Dashboard

Once a peer review is assigned to you, a notification will appear in several areas on the dashboard.

Recent Activity

On your Dashboard, you can view recent activity in your Global Activity stream. Recent activity will display a peer review and the name of the course. Click the Show More link to access the assignment and view the name of the peer review student.

If a peer review is anonymous, the name will show as Anonymous User.


To Do List

On both the Dashboard and the Course Home Page sidebar, the To Do list shows the peer review assignment. Peer reviews are identified with the Peer Review icon. To view the assignment for review, click the Peer Review for [Assignment Name] link.

Note: Currently the Due Date in the To Do List does not accurately display the due date for completing your peer review. If details about your peer review are not already included in the details of your assignment, please contact your instructor.


Open Assignments

You can also view peer reviews when viewing assignments. In Course Navigation, click the Assignments link.

The assignments page does not display an icon if you have a peer review. If you know the name of the peer review assignment, click the title to open the assignment.

In the sidebar under Assigned Peer Reviews, you will see any peer reviews assigned to you. The caution sign icon indicates the peer review has not been completed. A check mark icon indicates that you have completed the peer review.

If your peer review is anonymous, you cannot see the name of the student. The peer review will be shown as Anonymous User.


  • If a rubric has been added to a peer review assignment, your peer review is considered complete after you comment on the submission and fill out the rubric. If a rubric has not been added to a peer review assignment, your peer review is considered complete after you comment on the submission.
  • If your instructor has assigned an On Paper or No Submission assignment, the assigned peer review will not be displayed on this page. However, it can still be viewed from the Dashboard.

Your instructor will have you peer review another student's assignment. To complete the assignment, you must maybe required to fill out an attached rubric and add a comment in the comment sidebar, or leave a comment if there is no rubric.

Some peer reviews may also be anonymous, which means you cannot view the name of the student whose assignment you are reviewing. Additionally, the student cannot see your name as the reviewer when you leave a comment to complete the review.  

If the assignment supports annotated feedback, the Preview button will display as View Feedback.

To open the document with Canvas DocViewer, click the View Feedback button. You can add comments directly to the submission through DocViewer. You can leave direct feedback on the assignment using DocViewer, but you cannot view any existing feedback submitted by another student or the instructor.

Note: In anonymous peer reviews, you cannot leave comments in DocViewer.


To view the rubric, click the Show Rubric link. You can either click the rating boxes for each category or enter a score for each criterion in the Points column. Each rubric score will create the total points for the assignment.
When you're finished, click the Save Comment button. You may need to refresh your browser to see that you've completed the required steps for the peer review.

Note: Depending on how your instructor set up the rubric, it may or may not include point values. If the rubric does not include point values you will still need to fill out the rubric to complete the peer review.


If your assignment does not include a rubric, you are required to add at least one comment. You cannot view any existing feedback submitted by another student or the instructor.
You can type a comment in the comment field, leave a media comment, or attach a file. Click the Save button when done.

Note: When an assignment is muted, you can view peer review comments. However, instructor comments are hidden until after the assignment is unmuted.


You can find your peers' feedback for peer reviewed assignments in several places.

  • If the peer review is anonymous, the name of the reviewer will not be included in any feedback.
  • When an assignment is muted, you can view peer review comments. However, instructor comments are hidden until after the assignment is unmuted.
  • When peer reviews are anonymous, you can leave submission and rubric comments, but annotated submission comments are not supported.
    For group assignments, you will see peer review comments for all reviews of your group's submission.
  • Peer review feedback only displays on the assignment page for assignments that require an online submission.

Recent Feedback
Under Recent Feedback in the sidebar of your Canvas course, you can view recent comments from peer reviewed assignments. Click the title of the assignment to view all submission details and comments.


Submission Details Page
You can view the comment directly in the submission details page.

If your assignment is compatible with the Canvas annotations tool, Canvas DocViewer, your peers may also have left feedback directly in the assignment. To view their comments, click the View Feedback link. This is the same link where you may be able to view feedback from your instructor.


Assignment Page
You can also view your peers' feedback on the individual assignment page. All comments from your peers will appear in the Submission box.


The comment can also be viewed on your Grades page.