A peer review assignment enables students to provide feedback on another student's assignment submission. Peer reviews are a tool that allows communication between students and can help students master the concepts of a course and learn from each other. Peer reviews can be assigned to show student names or display anonymously.

To create a peer review assignment:
You would start by creating a regular assignment:

  • Select Assignments from Course Navigation
  • Click on the +Assignment box at the top-right hand corner to open in Edit Mode
  • Type in an assignment name and type in any instructions/directions for the students
  • Points: Type in the points associated with the assignment
  • Assignment Group: Canvas Assignment Groups allow you to “label” associated assignments; for instance, you can create various groups that allow for assignment “associations”. Creating and using assignment groups also assist you if you use “weighting” factors (see more information on Create and Using Assignment Groups)
  • Display Grade as: Default is Points. Also have the option to check “Do not count this assignment towards the final grade”
  • Submission Type: This is key! Choose Online and check File Uploads

Once all that is set you'll see a section for Peer Review

  • Click on the Require Peer Reviews checkbox
  • Select Manual or Automatic
  • Then decide if you want the reviews to be anonymous.
    • No Anonymous - Box Unchecked
    • Anonymous - Box Checked
  • Add the due date to the assignment under the Assign to section
  • Click Save and Publish to save your assignment and to have it visible to students



When you create a peer review assignment with manual peer reviews, you can choose which students will be assigned peer reviews.
  • When manually assigning peer reviews, students can complete their assigned peer reviews without having to submit their own assignment first. If you require students to complete their own assignment before being able to complete a peer review, you must automatically assign peer reviews.



When you create a peer review assignment with automatic peer reviews, Canvas will assign peer reviews to students automatically once they have submitted their own assignment.
You can also tell Canvas to automatically assign peer reviews after an assignment due date has passed.
  • It may take up to one hour for Canvas to assign peer reviews.
  • If a student has not submitted the assignment or submits the assignment after the due date, the student will not automatically be assigned a peer review and you must manually assign one.
  • On Paper and No Submission assignment types must have manually assigned peer reviews.


If you want to make peer reviews anonymous, check the Peer Reviews Appear Anonymously checkbox.

View from Instructor
You and your TAs can still view the names of student reviewers in SpeedGrader and in the student submission page.

View from Student
The anonymous option allows you to hide the name of the student reviewer from the student with the submission. The reviewer cannot see the name of the assigned person whose work is to be reviewed, and the student who submitted the assignment cannot view names associated with any comments.

When using groups and peer review together, you will need to set up Groups first

Now with the groups set up, you are going to create an Assignment with Peer Review (see first tab.)

Once the box is check you'll choose the Group Set. 

  • You can have them be assigned either Manually or Automatically. Though, if you want the ALL group members to review each others work, check Intra-group peer review, reviews can be assigned randomly to all members of the course, including members of the same group.
    If the box remains unchecked Canvas will exclude members of the same group when assigning peer reviews

  • If you want JUST the members of the group to provide appreciative and constructive feedback to their team members or to grade one another, you can use James Jones, from the Canvas Community Canvancements, Assigning Intra-Group Peer Reviews script.

  • IF YOU WANT STUDENTS TO HAVE INDIVIDUAL GRADES, be sure to check the box Assign Grades to Each Student Individually.


If assigning points/grade to a peer review the student MUST have left a comment providing appreciative and constructive feedback to their classmate and/or have filled out the rubric, if one has been attached. Remember to include in the Assignment description information on how the points of that assignment are to be graded upon. For example, if the assignment is out of a total 100 points, 80 of those points are for the assignment being turned in and then the other 20 are for participating in the peer review portion. 

If you are not grading them for participating in the peer review portion, adding feedback comments or filling out the rubric for peer review, state that in the assignment description instead.

Peer Review rubrics, which the students fill out, will not auto-grade! They are there to help the instructor determine the final grade/points allocated for the peer review. 

How to Add a Rubric to an Assignment

You can view the peer reviewer's rubric assessment by going to the Submission Details.
To get to Submission Details

  • Click Assignments
  • Click the Peer Review Assignment 
  • Select Peer Review from the right hand side
  • Click the students' name

To switch between reviews, select another name from the Show Assessment By drop-down menu.


Once you have determined the grade for the student enter it into the Grade field above Show Rubric. There is no need to worry about saving the grade, it will auto-save and be updated in the gradebook.

If the assignment is a group peer review and the grades are meant to separated, be sure to check the box, Assign Grades to Each Student Individually, under Group Assignment in Assignments.

You can view comments on a students submission left by their peer(s) by going to the Submission Details.
To get to Submission Details

  • Click Assignments
  • Click the Peer Review Assignment 
  • Select Peer Review from the right hand side
  • Click the students' name

Each comment includes the name of the reviewer and the time they made the comment.

  • If anonymous peer reviews are enabled, you and your TAs can still view the names of student reviewers in the submission details page.
  • Group assignments will include comments sent to all group members.