Panopto/Canvas Issue

“I'm trying to record a lecture class. When I tried to open Panopto, it said I was using Internet Explorer and it's incompatible, but I was using Firefox. Updated Firefox, tried Chrome but still got the same message.”

Panopto IE Workaround PDF Instructions
  • The Panopto Recorder can be downloaded from the following link Download for Panopto Recorder for PC. Note this is an executable file so on the dialog box select the Save File option)
  • When the file downloads to the browser's download folder, double-click the to begin installation
  • Continue through the by clicking Next. When installation is complete, click Close then open the recorder

Sign In and configure recorder:

  • Server Address: Make sure that is displayed in the text box "Server Address" if not, type exactly as shown
  • Check the box "Remember me" to have Panopto remember your login (required for offline recording)
  • Choose how to sign in: Select (click)to sign in with Canvas icon. At the Canvas login, type in your Canvas username; tab and type in your Canvas password

On the "Create New Recording" tab select the following configuration

  • Session Settings: Ensure the correct folder you want the recording located displays in Folder option (no-click down arrow to change)
  • Name: Make sure to change the "generic" recording name to one that is identifiable! (e.g., Lecture on BioCube Technology 1776_201720)
  • Primary Sources: Select correct Video / Audio inputs
  • Secondary Sources:  Check capture PowerPoint, capture Main Screen
  • When ready, click the Record button near the top-left of the screen or, if using PowerPoint, select to open and begin recording
  • Once you've completed your recording, click the Stop button
  • The Recording Complete screen will open. Verify name and folder location, click Upload
  • On the Manage Recording screen
  • Once the recording has finished uploading, select the Share button
  • Use the drop-down listed under Who Has Access to select "Anyone with the Link"
  • Select Save Changes
  • Highlight (copy) the link information in the text box, you can then paste this link information in Canvas or email



Bring up your presentation, select Slide Show View and when your are ready to begin recording  Use the following Hot Keys to:

  • Start the recorder: F8 key
  • End the recorder:  F10 key
  • Pause/Resume the recorder: F9 key
  • Download and install the Panopto Recorder for Mac from  Download for Panopto Recorder for MAC (zip file)
  • When the file downloads, click the downloaded zip file to begin the installation

Once installed, click the Panopto Recorder icon to open and select Sign In. On the recorder options dialog box, select the following options:

  • Server Information:
  • Providers: Canvas (note: if Provider shows Panopto, click the down arrows to select Canvas)
  • Type in your Canvas username; tab and type in your Canvas password and check option "Save Login"
  • Click Log In

Select "Create New Recording" and select the following configuration

  • Verify correct folder displays in Folder option
  • Change the "generic" recording name to one that identifies both recording and who recorded in the Session option
  • Select correct Video / Audio inputs
  • Verify that Record PowerPoint is selected under Slides
  • Open the PowerPoint presentation in Slide Show view
  • Click Start Recording

You can use the MAC Hot Key combinations to:

  • Start and End the recorder:  CMD+Option+R
  • Pause and Resume the recorder: CMD+Option+P

  1. Create New Recording The screen (tab) when Panopto is started. Additional selectable tabs for Manage Recordings and Settings
  2. Displays login information showing that you are logged into Canvas.
  3. Session Settings
    • Folder: select the down arrow to the right and select the folder for your course/recording
    • Name: Type in a specific name; e.g., “Lecture on BioCube Technology 1776_201720
  4. Primary sources: what Panopto will capture – Video (webcam), Audio, and Quality.
  5. Secondary sources: PowerPoint (check) and/or Main Screen (check) tabs for each capture source
  6. Record/Pause/Stop: Ready? click the “Record” button to start the recorder.

Create Recording

USE Hot Keys to control recording and allow you to record/pause/stop without toggling back/forth to recorder





F8 key

F9 key

F10 key





Panopto ( recordings can be inserted directly into Canvas using a shared link. If you have recorded lectures in Panopto, you can add these links directly in Canvas in a few ways:
  1. add the recording using Design Tools;
  2. add the embed recording using Panopto embed code; or
  3. add the shared URL link in the edit box.
1) Using Design Tools Option (INTERESTING)
With just a little effort, using Canvas and CidI Labs Design Tools, you can provide students with an interesting recording with full-screen capability along with a description, viewing time, and/or other resources pertaining to the video.
Preparation:  : 
  • Copy Panopto URL information (copy/paste) from a browser
  • Load Design Tools HTML snippets and iframes in Canvas
2) Adding as an Embed video (GENERIC)
  • Copy the Panopto embed code from
  • Select the location (page, module) where the recording is to be inserted
  • Click Edit
  • Select the Insert/Edit media icon 
  • Click the Embed tab and paste in the copied embed code 
  • Click OK, Save
3) Adding  Panopto URL link (BORING)
  • Copy the Panopto recording (shared) URL (from or if saved locally) 
  • Select the location (page, module) where the recording is to be inserted
  • Click Edit, from the editor tool icons, select Link to URL
  • Paste in the Panopto URL and click Insert Link, click Save 

  • Select Panopto Recordings from the course menu (don’t see? Go to Settings, Navigation, and drag Panopto to the top pane. Make sure you click Save)
  • Once Panopto screen opens in Canvas, click on the cog wheel at the top right-hand side of the screen.
  • On the Overview page, under Assignment Folder, click Create Assignment Folder
  • The folder is now created. When students log in to the course and select Panopto Recordings from the course menu, they select Record new session
  • If prompted, they will select Open Panopto to begin recording. Instructions for students are on the eHelp website,