Pages are powerful! Pages give you control over the organization and creation of content. Each page can be edited using Text Editor adding bolding, text font/colors. Add links, embedding multimedia in and outside of the course site, files, as well as textual and multimedia content, all within the same “space”.

Pages will personalize and make the course engaging for your students.

Pages can be included under a specific Module and a Module can be linked in a Page

Page Example

Since you can add pages to modules – organization and flow of course is still consistent (Previous modules – Next module)

  • Use a page if you need to use text-formatting (bold, italics, color, font sizes) or line breaks.
    Course navigation, Pages, View All Pages and +Page
  • Use one of LTU’s “Institutional Templates” to add readings, links, videos, assignments, lectures and discussion all on one page.
    Design Tools, Create/Edit Content, Copy Existing Content and select Institutional Templates
  • Link the Page to a Module. Modules, click + to right of the desired module, Add Page, select Page, and Add Item