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Canvas Inbox (or Conversations) messages can be used for  exchanges between instructors and students (e.g. questions about a class procedures, or conversation that should only be shared individually). The Inbox is located on the Global Navigation menu and can be accessed from any course.

Messages sent from either of these options are delivered to the student's LTU email account.

Sending email to the students enrolled in the course from Canvas. 

Email messages can be sent directly to individuals, or sent as a mass email to the entire course roster. Instructors can also set whether or not students will be able to see all recipients or replies to the message.

Conversations is split into two panels and displays messages chronologically. You can view and reply to conversations and sort them by course or inbox type. Although Conversations itself does not have any file size limits any attachments added to a conversation are included in the sender's personal files.

In any Canvas course, if you right-click the Inbox icon on the Global Navigation menu, it will open your Conversation Inbox in a new browser tab.


If you want to email students from Gradebook because of an assignment issue (say they haven't submitted, score too low) from the assignment column you can click the down arrow to the right of the assignment name and select "Message students who" option.

If you just want to email one (or more of your students in general, then use the Inbox from Global navigation

Click on the small paper/pencil icon to open "compose message"

Select the course, click on the little icon to the right of To and from the drop down menu click on "Students". This opens a list of the students in the course and you can select Add Subject, select whether to send "individual message" to each recipient