A Canvas Group Set is a general name for the 'container' that can hold a number of groups. For example, a Group Set created for Final Project Presentations can have a number of groups that make up this set: FP Group 1 consisting of 3 students; FP Group 2 consisting of 4 students and FP Group 3 consisting of 4 students.

Canvas has two types of groups: (1) Group sets and groups created by instructor to use for graded assignments and (2) student groups that can be created by either an instructor or a student and are self-organized by students. Group sets are groups that you create to use for graded assignments.

Before you can start adding students into groups you need to set up a group set.

  1. In Course Navigation, click the People link.
  2. Click the Add Group Set button.


  1. Name the new group by typing it in the Group Set Name field
  2. You can allow self sign-ups by selecting the Allow self sign-up checkbox
  3. You can automatically split the groups in a number of equal groups by clicking the Split students into [number] groups radio button and then typing the number of groups in the dialog box.
  4. You can manually create the groups by clicking on the I'll create groups manually radio button.
  5. Click the Save button


Once the group set is created you'll then:


  1. Click the Add Group button to create your groups. You can create as many groups as you need.
  2. Name the group by typing in the Group Name field
  3. If you want to limit groups to a specific size, enter the maximum number of group members in the Limit groups to field
  4. Click the Save button

Student Groups