Gradebooks can be overwhelming, right? They usually include a lot of options and critical grade-related information. So, you definitely don't want to mess anything up!

  • A column is created only when an assignment/test is “Graded” and is “Published
  • Cannot create column(s) directly in Gradebook.
  • Unpublish or delete graded assignments to remove from Gradebook. Publish graded assignment to add to Gradebook.

    Published Assignment

    Unpublished Assignment

  • Drag/drop columns to re-order. Assignment Groups/Total static columns near end of Gradebook
  • Individual View: select specific student, assignment
  • Import/Export as a CSV

  • Select Grades from course navigation
  • Can click inside cell to type in a grade
  • View, comment and grade submitted assignments without having to download - use SpeedGrader

523 - Gradebook Overview from Canvas LMS on Vimeo.

Exporting Canvas Grades CSV File

  • Log into the Canvas Course
  • Go to the Grades
  • Top right corner select “Export
  • Click CSV FIle
  • This will download the .CSV file and place it in the Download Folder on your computer

CVS File

Implementing the Canvas CSV File

  • Open the .CSV file from your downloads, it will open in Excel
  • Grades can be entered in the excel sheet for the term (Note the students will not be able to see the grades in the excel spreadsheet) All grades entered in Canvas will be visible to students.
  • If using two spreadsheets, you combine them into one by copying and pasting data from one to the Canvas csv

Importing Modified Canvas CSV File

  • When it is time to import the grades into Canvas click on “Import
  • This will open up the screen below
  • Click the Choose File button and locate the saved modified Canvas csv file
  • Click on “Upload Data” after you have selected your file
    • NOTE: the upload file must be a .csv

Import CSV

If you add a new column to the CSV file and then upload the file, Canvas will ask you what you want to do with the new column.

  • In the drop-down menu, choose A new assignment, provide point value if you did not do this in the csv file
    • Repeat for all new assignments
  • Click the Continue button
  • Note: When multiple grading periods is enabled, CSV file uploads cannot create new assignments.
  • Review the changes made to your Gradebook.
    • If you upload assignments with no grade changes, they will be hidden from the upload
  • Click the Save Changes button
Select New Assignment

Show Upload Grades

Grades will now appear in your gradebook, update time may vary on how many assignment grades there were.

View, comment and grade submitted assignments without having to download - using SpeedGrader

Access SpeedGrader from:

  • Open Assignment/Quiz: SpeedGrader from the sidebar
  • Graded Discussions: Select 3 dots to the right of Edit
    Speed Grader Discussions
  • GradeBook: Select appropriate column menu, select Speed- Grader or access individual student submission, click on corner triangle, select “More detail ins SpeedGrader”
    SpeedGrader Gradebook

524 - SpeedGrader™ Overview from Canvas LMS on Vimeo.

541 - DocViewer Overview from Canvas LMS on Vimeo.