Using Canvas Commons to Share Resources

Canvas Commons is a repository/library the enables instructors to find, import, and share resources such as Modules, Pages, courses, content

Can I use Commons to import content and then share with other sections or courses that I teach? How can I use Commons?
Yes, you can add content to Commons and then share or use in other courses.

Getting Started example:

I have created a Module in one of my courses that contains readings, PDF files, links, lectures, videos, and assignments.

The same Module structure and content will be used in another one of my courses.

  • Access the Module in the course, to the very right of the Module heading select the 3 dots. Click on Share to Commons
  • Select who can use this resource.
      • Only me - no one has access but you
      • All of Lawrence Tech University - only those within the university community will be able to find and use
    • Public - any Canvas Commons user can locate and use

For any option above, the ownership is yours and only you can remove the content

  • License: Default is Copyrighted
  • Metadata:
  • Title (required)
  • Description (required)
  • Tags:
  • Image (required: Yes, you must select an image (click to change) and find an image
  • Grades: Click down arrow to select option e.g., Undergraduate

When done, click Share - sharing starts processing - before you leave, if you like, click Favorites
Now what?

From Commons, you can select to Import into Canvas courses.

  • Click Import/Download located under the resource
  • Search for, or select, the course that you want to include the resource
  • Select Import into Course (what does download do? Just save the item to your local computer)

The item will now be loaded into the course you selected.

Can I select more than one course? Yes