There are two ways to extend/allocate time on a quiz. Both may refer to a time frame but those time frames are very different. One you are extending a date time frame, while the other you are extending the minute time frame. One you know which you need to do, or both, look at the instructions below.

If a student needs to take the quiz on a different date, but with still the same time as everyone else. Below will step you through how to do this.

While creating the quiz, in the Details tab you will scroll down to the bottom where there a field box that says Assign

By default it will have only one box with Everyone in the Assign to. 

  1. Click + Add to add an additional Assign to box
  2. Type in the students name that needs the date extension.
  3. Enter the Due Date field and if necessary the Available and Until fields

Once done creating/editing the quiz click Save or Save and Publish


If a student is going to take the quiz the same day as their classmates, but they need additional minutes on their own quiz. Below will step you through how to do this.

Note: Due to the fact the quiz needs to be published to access Moderate This Quiz it is recommend to add an Available From date. This will allow you to publish the quiz but the students will not be able to take it. They will only see that there is a quiz.

As stated before the quiz needs to be published then on the right hand-side you will click on Moderate This Quiz.


  1. Click the pencil icon in the row of the student you need to give extra minute time too
  2. In the Extra time on every attempt field input the extra
    For example, the quiz is set 60 minutes for all students but the specific student needs an additional 30 minutes, just type in 30 into the field and that will add to the preexisting time for a total of 90 minutes.
  3. Click Save

You'll repeat those steps for all quizzes in the course.