Canvas integrates our Google apps nicely. Why not take advantage of this and use Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets to create Canvas assignments!!!

In Google

  • Create a Google Drive folder for the course (will help keep content organized by course)
  • Select Google Docs and use (or create) a Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide to use as a "template" for assignment

In Canvas
Open course, select Assignment, +Assignment, add name of assignment, instructions, **Please include instructions! Students may not know how to access/submit assignment through Google integrated. ** (Creating Google Drive Assignment PDF)

  • Add Points, Assignment Group if used, Display as (points, etc)
  • Under Submission Type click down arrow and select External Tool
  • Click Find to the right of link input box
  • Select Google Docs Cloud Assignment
  • Locate the folder/file document to be used, highlight and click Submit and Select to return to assignment
  • Save or Save and Publish 
How Students Submit Google Cloud Assignment
(Youtube Video created by P. Anderson)