1. Select Assignments from Course Navigation
  2. Click on the +Assignment box at the top-right hand corner to open in Edit Mode


  1. Enter a Title
  2. In the Rich Content Editor (Text Box) add text, images, files, and videos. You can use the panel on the right to add links, images, and files. Up at the top right, the rocketship, is Design Tools which can be used to add more elements to the rich content editor.
  3. Points: Type in the points associated with the assignment
  4. Submission Type: This is key! There are 4 options to select from.
    You main type would be Online and File Uploads checked
  5. ADD Due Dates to your assignments so Canvas can inform you when a student has late or missing work. Having Due Dates will also let you use grade policies, see Grades Instructions.
  6. Save & Publish saves your assignment progress AND allow students to see the assignment
    Save Will only save your assignment progress

For a more detailed explanation of these items, click their hyperlink to be directed to their pages.


Submission Type Selection (Columns Added to Gradebook when Published):


Student Actions

Gradebook Column Created

No Submission or On Paper

Student will not submit assignment in Canvas or submits on paper. Used if students are to hand in their assignment in class and you will manually grade them. 


External Tool (Find)

Link to an external apps such as Google Docs. External tools prompt you to enter or find the external resources that can be added, such as Google Docs, Kaltura media, etc. allowing student submissions using the tool app. 



Selecting Online expands additional options such as “File Uploads”, “Enable Vericite Submissions” (plagiarism entry), text entries, Website URLs, and Media Recordings.  Make sure that those types of submissions are checked that you will allow - normally File Uploads is sufficient.