Announcements are used posting time-sensitive, important course information such as a class cancellation, or a new Assignment posting. 

Instructors and TAs can create Announcements in a Canvas course by selecting Announcements from the course navigation area.

When and how do students receive announcements I post?

If students have not changed their default notification preferences, they will receive an email to their mail when you create the announcements

  1. Click Announcements
  2. Click +Announcements


  1. Enter a topic title
  2. Type in Announcement text which can include images, audio/video recorded message, and files
  3. Optional: Delay Posting (use date calendar if you want the announcement to be displayed on and after a certain date)
  4. Click Save


You can receive notifications to your email of announcements that you create. This confirms that students are getting the notifications if you are getting them.

To turn this notification on:

  1. Click on Account, in the Global Navigation
  2. Select Notifications


  1. Locate Announcements Created by You and click the checkmark, in the row, to change it green.


You can have Announcements displayed on your Home Page so students see the announcements when they enter your course.


  1. Click on Settings in the Course Navigation.
  2. Be sure you are on Course Details tab.
  3. Scroll down in the Course Details until you see more options and click more options
  4. Click the checkbox 'Show recent announcements on Course home page'
    The default shown will be 3 but you may change to your needs. We recommend going no more than 3.
  5. Click Update Course Details


519 - Announcements Overview from Canvas LMS on Vimeo