You can view the course access report for an individual user in the People section of your course. The course access report shows a summary of user participation in your course and complements the Total Activity column in the People page.

  1. In Course Navigation, click the People link.
  2. Click on the Students Name


Once you click on the students name a pop out window from the right will appear. Click on the Students' name once again.


Click the Access Report button on the right hand side.


The access report will show you:

  • Content: The content the user has viewed.
  • Times Viewed: The number of times the user viewed the content. A view is counted each time a user navigates to the URL where the content resides or downloads an attachment.
  • Times Participated: The number of times the user participated (if applicable, such as posting to a discussion or submitting an assignment).
  • Last Viewed: The last time the user viewed the content.