Have prior Blackboard courses exported and saved locally? How can you import into Canvas?

First, make sure that you have your canvas export and/or content files saved locally on your computer


  • Log into Canvas and access your course
  • From the course navigation, select Settings and select Import Course Content from the right hand side


  • Click the down arrow to the right of Content Type and select canvas 6/7/8/9 export .zip file
  • Click Browse to the right of Source and locate your exported canvas file
  • Skip option for Default Question bank
  • At Content, choose Select specific content
  • Skip Options and then click Import

Under Current Jobs, the status of your upload will display. When complete, you will see Waiting for Selection. Click to open Select Content.


**From the Select Content popup, you now have a listing of categories. The arrow preceding a category indicates there is content inside. Click the arrow to expand and proceed to select desired content.

  1. Running (displays a menu bar)
  2. Completed with Issues associated with the import; click the issue link to view the list
  3. Waiting for select: (only appears when selecting course content; click the Select Content button to continue the import) **
  4. Complete
  5. Failed

If “Completed” with Issues: Click the “issues” link to see problems found.

After selecting your desired content, click Select Content to proceed with the import. When “Completed” shows it is in Canvas.

If “Completed” (no issues) you can now start going through the course navigation to review the import content to make any alterations, editions, or deletions.

Below are the suggested areas to review first:

  • Announcements: Delete or update any announcements
  • Assignments, Quizzes, and Discussions: Review and update (check points, due dates, submission type). Note: in assignments, delete unneeded assignments groups; such as, Total, Weighted, Blogs, Journals, etc...
  • Pages: Go to Pages, select View All Pages. Go though one-by-one to verify, edit, and check for broken links, delete, and update