Submitting Assignments and Reviewing Graded Assignments

Submitting Assignments Using Google Drive File

You can add documents or media created in your Google Drive as a Canvas Assignment Submission. There is no storage limit with your LTU Google Drive. View the YouTube video below to find out how or download the PDF "Using Google Drive Shared " for step by step instructions

Submitting Kaltura Recorded Video Assignments

My instructor created an assignment and the instructions are that I have to submit a Kaltura video. How do I submit the Kaltura video?

First, you must have downloaded and installed the Kaltura Lecture Capture recorder, created, and uploaded your video. If you have not installed Kaltura, make sure you follow the directions from the eHelp/Lecture Capture/Kaltura webpage

Select the assignment from directed location (Assignments e.g.).
Click Submit Assignment then click on the ‘down arrow’ (External tools) from within the text editor and select Embed Kaltura media
Student Embed Kaltura
Select Add from Library, My Media
Select <>Embed located to the right of the recording, . Once loaded, select Submit Assignment

Your video will be embedded in the text editor for viewing and grading by your instructor

Reviewing Graded Assignments

  • Select Grades from course navigation
  • Click on the assignment name to select and open Submission Details
  • To the right of the assignment, click on 'View Feedback' to open and preview the marked-up paper with all instructor feedback
  • To download the annotated copy, click on the download icon in the upper left hand corner and save the annotated PDF. On the downloaded annotated copy, to see the comments again, hover over each annotation to access each comment


Review Graded Assignment (time: 1:29)