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How to Log into Canvas

Go to:

Click Canvas

Username and Password is your LTU Credentials

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Note: If you wish to bookmark the page do so after logging in, when you see the Dashboard.

Getting Started with Canvas Video

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


How do I submit Assignments ?

How do I reply in a Discussion ?

How do I take a Classic Quiz ?

How do I take a New Quiz ?

How do I view my Grades ?

How do I view my Groups ?


How do I select personal pronouns ?

How do I change the language preference ?

How do I set a time zone ?

Peer Review

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For more Canvas guides: Canvas Student Guide


For video tutorials visit Kaltura Learning for Canvas

How can I record a lecture in Kaltura?

How do I take a Kaltura Video Assignment ?

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Quick Reference Guide: Zoom

How do I join Zoom through Canvas course?

I'm having problems with audio in Zoom sessions, how do I join by phone?

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How do I submit a Canvas assignment with Google?

The eHelp Google Applications page will have additional information on Google.

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