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Welcome to Canvas

Canvas is Lawrence Tech's new learning management system!  Our eHelp website is here to help you with how to get your Canvas courses up and running.

Commonly Asked Questions

Copy/Import Previous Canvas Course into Fall 2020 shell

Internet Requirements
Can you provide minimum recommended internet data speeds from internet providers for students (and faculty) at home for Internet and Browsers?
Suggested Minimum Internet Requirements (Online)


How do I to take Attendance?

What are assignment groups?

How do I weight assignments?

How to set up Discussion boards so student must reply before they see other replies (specifically where - #2 under Options)

Can students add media to a discussion board post/reply?

How can I set a group project as an assignment? How can students work on a group project in Canvas?

How can I use rubrics?

How can I create an assignment or quiz for students? Once created, how do I add additional time for students with special accommodations?

ClassicQuizzes Create and Classic Quizzes Student Accommodations

NewQuizzes Create and New Quizzes Student Accommodations

Assignments Create and Assignments Student Accommodations

Is there a way to see when students submit quiz and attempt detail?
Quiz Statistics 
allows a downloadable spread sheet that provides detailed information on quizzes


How can I record a lecture in Kaltura without camera?

How do I add a Kaltura media recording to a course for students?


How do I set up weekly recurring Zoom sessions in Canvas?

How can I create (and use) Zoom breakout rooms?

Zoom Participation Reports (attendance)?

Zoom Recordings

Locally saved Zoom option

  • I’ve recorded my Zoom meeting to my local computer - how do I share in Canvas with my students
  • Log into Canvas, go to My Media, Add New, Select Media Upload

Zoom Cloud recordings

We have created a Canvas course (Module 0 for Faculty) that introduces you to Canvas and its features and tools.

Download the tri-fold booklet that contains quick tips about Canvas for faculty on the go.