eHelp Canvas - Accessibility

Design Tools also has a accessibility tool to check for accessibility errors within the editor. It is broken up into three different options: Heading Outline, Image check, and Link Check.

To access the Accessibility Checker:

  • Go to any page you want to check and click Edit.
  • Click the rocketship (Design Tools) in the top right
  • Click on Check Accessibility accordion to get the options below


The Headings tool looks at the headings on a page for proper order.

Headings indicate the importance of content and should be nested properly to help users navigate content. Skipping levels should be avoided.

The Headings tool creates a representation of the heading structure of your content. Indicating whether or not your headings are nested properly.

If a heading progresses in a sequential fashion, it will receive a checkmark . If a heading skips one or more levels, it will receive an exclamation point .

To make adjustments to the headers use the arrow buttons next to the heading to adjust the heading level.


The Image Check tool looks at the Images on a page for the presence of alt text. You can edit an image's alt text with this tool.

View all of the images on this page and their alt text.

To change the text in the field below the image to update the alt text.


Links should make sense out of context, use this tool to review your links and update the text where needed.

View all links in the content area out of context to get a feel for what it would be like navigating the page with a screen reader.

Avoid phrases like “click here”, “more”, “click for details”, and so on.

Click the  button and edit the content in the provided field.