What are Blackboard Test Pools?

Test Pools are groups of questions that you can include in tests. For example, what if you want to include a midterm or final that uses questions from individual chapter tests? Creating a pool allows you to select a set of related questions from each chapter and create the midterm or final. 

How Do I Create a Test Pool?

  • Select Tests, Surveys and Pools located in the Course Tools area under Control Panel 
  • Select (click) Pools then select Build Pool on the "Pools" page 
  • Fill in Pool Information (Name, Description and Instructions) in each of the respective text boxes, click Submit
  • Clicking Submit will take you to the Pool Canvas page. . Before selecting the type of questions, click the Question Settings on the right to modify any settings for your test, e.g., feedback; add images; scoring; or display and when done with settings, click Submit 
  • Now select Find Questions. Expanding Tests will display all the tests that you have in the course. From here you can check the individual tests to be included in the pool. The test questions will display on the right. You can also limit the types of questions by expanding “Question Types” under Find Questions
  • To select questions, place a check in the box or you can select all questions by placing a check mark to the left of Question Text column . Click Submit


  • To change the point value on a question, click in the “Default Points” box and type in adjusted point value  and click “green check”. The Pool Canvas page reopens and verifies the questions and number of questions selected. 
  • When complete, click OK

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The Test Pool is now available to create a test using a Random Block of questions or Question Sets.

What is the difference between Random Blocks and Question Sets?

RANDOM BLOCKS are used to pull a block of questions (multiple questions treated as one) into a test from selected pools and based on all questions or specific question types. They are dynamic and reflect changes to the question pool. ALL of the displayed questions get added to the Test Canvas. You cannot pick and choose from the displayed questions in a Random Block, but you can do that with Question Sets.

QUESTION SETS are static and are made up of specific questions selected from pools, tests, question types, keywords, etc. to be in the Question Set used in the test. You can pick and choose from the displayed questions in Question Sets.

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