Journals are a self-reflective "diary" of course experiences and learning that can be shared by a student and the instructor. Only the student and the instructor are able to add comments to journal entries unless the journal(s) are  made public by the instructor so all enrolled users may read entries made to the journal topic but cannot comment on them. Group Journals can be accessed by the group members and the instructor.
Journals entries can consist of: text, images, links, multimedia and attachments posted by individual student and journal comments, remarks or responses to a journal entry made by the student(s) or the instructor.


Creating Journals

You can create one or more journals for use by students in your course; however, you must create journal topics before students can add their entries.

You create journals from either the Journals option under Control Panel, Course Tools, or directly from a menu item area e.g., Assignments. This example shows you how to create a journal in a content area under "Assignments"

  1. Select “Tools” from the menu option button to the right of Assessments and select “Journals
  2. Select Create New Journal; type in a journal Name and any instructions or directions to the student.
    • Select to make journal available (Yes/No); to set "Date/Time restrictions (if desiredl)
    • Select to index entries either Monthly or Weekly and select options for student editing/deleting or allowing all course users to view the journal
    • Select grading option and if graded, type in point value. Typing in possible points will display additional options:
      • Show participants in Needs Grading after "x" number of entries
      • Enter Due Date: note that adding a Due Date will also place the journal assignment of the course calendar for that date!
      • Associated Rubric: Click Add Rubric for option to create new rubric, select existing rubric or create from existing rubric
      • Show Rubric to Student: Yes with Rubric Scores; Yes without Rubric Scores; or After Grading
  3. Click Submit. The journal that you created is now highlighted under “Link to Journal”
  4. Click Next. Type in any text or description if desired; select additional options
  5. Click Submit.

All journals created under a content area are viewable from Control Panel, Course Tools, and Journals.

Alternately, you can also set up a journal from this area by selecting Create Journal then follow the same procedures listed under Step 2 then “link” the journal to a content area by selecting the content area, “Tools”; “Journal”. Select “Link to Journal” radio button; highlight (click) the name of the journal and click Submit continue on the next screen to select options and click Submit to deploy.

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Grading Journals

Grades can be entered for individual student journals or group journals from the Journal (Control Panel, Course Tools, and Journals) area without having to navigate to the Grade Center. All grade entries made within the Journal area are automatically added to the Grade Center; however, you can also enter grades directly in the Grade Center).

Select (click) on the Journal Name (e.g., Journal 1; Journal 2); to the right you will see orange exclamation icons that indicate the entries to be graded.

Selecting the student's name will take you to the entry that needs grading.  After reading the entry, select “Edit Grade” to manually enter a grade as well as enter any Feedback to the student; add Grading Notes (grading notes are NOT viewable to the student); or comment directly in the journal entry by selecting the Comment button in the text area.

Select Save Grade to record.

If there are more journals to grade, click the arrows to the right of More Journals to move through the journal entries.

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