Creating Groups

Blackboard groups allow a set of students to meet online privately, collaborate on projects, share and exchange files (upload and review drafts), send group emails, and participate in discussion boards. Group assignment submissions can be graded. Wiki link for “Tips for Effective Group Collaboration” (
Create the Group

From Control Panel; Users and Groups; Groups

Select "Create Single Group" (creates one group) or "Create Group Set" (set up number of groups). 

Select “Manual Enroll” (you decide participants) or “Self-Enroll” (students can choose group to join). Creating a Group Set also allows “Random Enroll

Manual Enroll: Select the users to be added to the group under Membership option.

Self-Enroll: Includes a “sign up” sheet. Type in name and sign-up instructions

  • Name: type in a group name; enter a Description (e.g., you can enter the students names assigned to this group); Make Available Yes/No
  • Tool Availability: Select the tools (either some or all) that you want the group to access/use. (Blogs, Journals and Wikis provide the option to assign Grading Points)
  • Group Options: Create a Smart View
  • Click Submit 


For Group Set: Enter the number of groups to create; click Submit. The Edit Group Set page opens on this page individual group names can be assigned and participants for each group enrolled; click Submit

*The "Self-Enroll" option includes a "Sign-up sheet" that participants are to use when selecting group. Name the sheet and include instructions for participants. (Students access the sign-up sheet from Course Tools; Groups)


Setting up a Group Assignment (Video)