How Do I Download a Copy of the Current Grade Center?

If you want to keep a copy of the current course Grade Center information, you can download the file to your local computer and open it as a spreadsheet using MS Excel or another spreadsheet application. The Grade Center contains current course information such as users, grades, and assignments. Once downloaded the Grade Center can be opened in a spreadsheet application. 


  • Access the Grade Center from Control Panel, Grade Center, Full Grade Center option.
  • To the right of the Grade Center screen, select the Work Offline. Click to select Download. The next screen provides download options, the default selections do not have to be changed just scroll and select Submit.
  • On the next screen, click Download.

    Your file is saved locally with a filename of gc_coursename_xls and may be accessed from your computer’s download folder. 

Edit in Excel and Upload to Blackboard

You can open and edit your downloaded Grade Center in Excel and import the Excel spreadsheet back into your Blackboard course. 

Because the grade center is downloaded as a Text Tab Delimited file it can be opened and edited in Excel. Note that you must also save your edited Grade Center as a Text Tab Delimited filetype when uploading into Blackboard.

Find and open the downloaded Grade Center file (in your computer's download folder) by double-clicking the file name to open in Excel (file name begins with grc...)

Excel will prompt a warning since the file type is not in xls format but in text delimited format, click Yes to open in this text delimited format. Note: existing columns will have heading name that must match, so be careful not to change existing column names.

You can add additional columns, change or enter grades into columns (you do not need to alter Total grades since the calculation will be done when uploaded into Blackboard)

When complete, make sure to save the file locally using "Save As". Enter a file name and select the filetype as  "Text, Tab Delimited". Click Save

Upload to Blackboard
  • From Control Panel, access the Full Grade Center
  • Select Work Offline (located in the upper right corner of the Grade Center). Select Upload.
  • Locate the local file and attach then select Submit.