Using Blackboard Course Copy Option

Instructors can use the course copy function to copy Blackboard course materials from a current course to a new course. Using Course Copy does not remove or overwrite existing materials but adds the material you are importing into the new course.


  1. From Control Panel, select (click) Course Copy under Packages and Utilities (the only option available is Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course)
  2.  In the Destination Course ID field, type a Course ID for the new course that will be populated with content from the current course. Click Browse to search for a course. Selection can be to search by Course ID; Instructor or Names/Description
  3.  Select the course materials that you want to copy over to the new or existing course.
  4. The Copy Course Files is the only option available 
  5. Click Submit.

Note:  A Course Copy operation cannot be completed if the user does not select at least one of the following areas: Content, Staff Information or Settings. If none of these options is selected a warning will appear.

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