Download, Save and Upload Assignment

My instructor has posted an assignment that I have to complete and then submit the modified document in Blackboard, how do I do this?

  • Navigate to the menu area as directed by the instructor (e.g., Assignments; Documents)

  • Find and select (click) the filename hyperlink to open the “File Download” box

Assign w attach
  • Select a location on your computer and click “Save”. You will receive a “Download complete”. You can now open, complete and save (make sure to rename the document!) the assignment to your computer.

IMPORTANT! In saving or renaming a document to upload into Blackboard.  DO NOT use using any symbols or special characters such as #, $ % * & in the filename

Once you have completed and saved your assignment, you are ready to submit the assignment in Blackboard 

  • Navigate to the assignment area in Blackboard and select the assignment name (hyperlink). The Upload Assignment window opens

  • Scroll and to the right of "Assignment Submission", "Attach File" and select "Browse My Computer"

  • Locate and select the file from "Choose File to Upload" and click Open

  • Add any comments if you like and scroll down, click Submit