Student Services & Financial Aid

Through BannerWeb students can sign the online laptop agreement, check account balances, register for classes, review class schedules or update their personal profile.

Faculty and Staff Services

Through BannerWeb staff and faculty can research class listings, pay and benefits information, student information, update their personal profile or record hours worked or leave time.

Log in Procedures

Click on the BannerWeb Login button.

User ID

  • Admitted Students/Alumni- Your BannerWeb ID will be your nine digit Banner ID (including all zeros).
  • Current Students, Faculty, and Staff- You will use your Canvas/Network username


  • Admitted Students/Alumni- Your initial BannerWeb PIN is your date of birth in MMDDYY format. For example: 022890. You must change your PIN to another 6-digit (or more) number the first time you log into BannerWeb.
  • Current Students, Faculty, and Staff- You will use your Canvas/Network password

Forgotten Password?

If you need help with your PIN/password, please contact the Help Desk  at 248.204.2330 or to have your BannerWeb PIN/Network password reset.

Faculty Use Only

It is important that all grades are submitted by the grading due date. All instructors should be notified of the grading due date by the Registrar’s Office.

Any questions regarding the online grade entry should be directed to the Registrar’s Office at (248) 204-2280 or

Step 1

Once you are logged on to the secured area

Click on the Faculty & Advisors option. A menu of options available to Faculty throughout the term will be displayed.

To enter grades, click on the Final Grades button.

Fig. 1

Step 2

Using the drop down menu select the term grades will be entered for.

Fig. 2

Step 3

Select the CRN (Course Reference Number) that grades will be entered for using the drop down menu.

Fig. 3

Step 4

Once the course is selected, a class roster listing the students for the CRN selected will appear. If a student does not appear on this list and attended the class please contact the Registrar’s Office at (248)204-2280 or

A Not Gradable grade listed for a student indicates the student withdrew from the course and a grade of “W” will be issued by the system. A grade cannot be entered by the instructor for an Not Gradable grade.

Fig. 4

Step 5

Click on the drop down menu in the Grade column and select the grade to be issued to the student as shown in Figure 5.

Enter a Last Attend Date if the grade of “F” is issued or if the date the student withdrew from the course is different then the date listed in the Reg. Status/Date column.

Fig. 5

Step 6

Once grades are entered, click on the Submit Grades button. Changes and/or grade entry can be done until grades are rolled to academic history by the Registrar’s Office.

Grades do not have to be entered for all students to submit grades and exit the system.

Once grades have been rolled, a grade change form is required to make a change to a grade.

There is a 20 minute time limit on this screen. It is recommended that the Submit Grades button is clicked often.

Fig. 6