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How to Log into Banner9

You will need to be on campus connected to the Wi-Fi or off campus connected to VPN .

Access Banner 9 by using any browser (Chrome and Firefox will give the best performance). Go to and select BannerWeb box, then click Banner9 Admin Pages Login Faculty/Staff or go to and select Banner 9 Admin Pages Login for Faculty and Staff.


1. Banner 9 uses Single Sign On, and you will need to enter your campus username and password. This is the same username and password you use for the network, Canvas, and other LTU systems.

The login screen for Banner 9

2. Click on Sign In, you will be asked to authenticate with DUO.


3. After authenticating with DUO you will be taken to the Banner 9 landing page.


4. When you are ready to log out, click on the Sign Out img-fluid button on the menu. Make sure you get the Log Out page to ensure you have exited properly.


Banner9 FAQs

If you did not see your question in the below accordions, the video for it will be in this section.

Find and Use the Menus

Find the Keyboard Shortcuts (Hot Keys)

Find Related Pages

Find the Tools Menu (Options)

Insert, Delete, Copy and Filter

Rollback or Start Over

Find the Record Count

Find the Table or Field Name

Move Between Sections or Blocks

Save My Changes

Filter or Search for Records

Lookup a Value

Select a Record

There are a few situations that you may encounter that make you wonder how to get out of them. Here are some we found, and how to past them.

Confidentiality – Click on the OK button


Error Messages – click on the number (number of errors or messages)

error messages

Printer Destinations – click on the X to close the page

printer destinations

The extract data with key is now Export under the Tools menu. If your export file is being saved as a .txt file and you want it to be .csv, you can change that in the GUAUPRF screen under the second tab labeled Directory Options. The second row is Data extract format: FILE (.csv), TEXT or WEBUTIL. Change the third column User Value to FILE and save. Now all Exports will be .csv format.

When you get a list of data, like in STVTERM, you can resort the data by clicking on a column header. Click a second time to toggle between ascending and descending order.

You can move most of the columns in a list and put them in a different order. Just click on the column heading and drag it to where you want it to appear.

banner9 list and single

If the Multiple Records and Single Record buttons appear on a section, you can toggle the section between list and single record views.

Example 1

banner9 list-single example1

Example 2

banner9 list-single example2

You can call a quick flow in Banner 9 from the GUAQFLW menu.

  • Start with your cursor in the ID field, hit Tab
  • A new field will pop up next to the ID field, type the student’s name, hit Enter
  • It will match the student name

banner9 search student name