These instructions detail how to upload a syllabus that is already created and resides on your local computer.

  1. Select Syllabus menu tab and then select Build Content
  2. Scroll under Build Content and select Syllabus 

Name: type in the syllabus name (required)

Syllabus: Select "Use Existing File"

Click the Browse button next to Attach local file; locate and select file; click Open

Click Submit, the Edit Item page opens where you can select availability options such as:

Availability: By default, the syllabus is immediately available to students, you can however select No to make unavailable

Track # Views: Select Yes/No to track record the number of times viewed, when and by whom using Tracking Statistics

Click Submit

Watch "how to"

Add Text Book Information

Once the syllabus has been added, you can also select to add textbook information in this area 

Select the Partner Content menu tab and select either “Search for Textbook” or “Manual Entry Textbook”.

Search for textbook allows to search using ISBN #; Title, Author or Subject.

Manual Entry allows you to type in the textbook information such as Title, ISBN#, Publisher and Description

Download PDF