Add Impatica Presentation to Blackboard Course

Upload the Impatica Package

  1. Log into your Blackboard;  from Control Panel click to expand  Content tab and select course name (first in list) 
  2. Select Create Folder; name the folder  (e.g., Impatica Presentations)  you will set permissions for the folder instead of individual files; click Submit
  3. The new folder is now listed under the Course Content, click the chevron located to the right of this folder and scroll down to Permissions
    • Click chevron to the right of Select Specific Users by Place and select the course(s)
    • Click the check box for the course(s) you want to give Permissions
    • Select Roles:  select All Course Users
    • Set Permissions: default is Read
    • Advanced Folder Options: check Overwrite 
    • Click Submit, click OK on the Manage Permissions screen to return to folder list
  4. Open the folder created above and select Upload; Upload Package
  5. Locate the zipped Impatica file saved locally; click Open to attach; the Impatica zipped file is now attached; click Submit

Impatica zip folders contain the following files and must be in the same location when uploaded:

  • filename-imp.html (this is the HTML file viewers will see, and is created by Impatica for PowerPoint to play the converted PowerPoint presentation)
  • filename-imp.jar (this is the converted PowerPoint presentation)
  • ImPlayer (version Number).jar (these are the Impatica Players*)

Add Impatica Presentation to Course

(The Blackboard course menu tabs are still visible on the left hand side of the screen)

  1. Select the menu area (for example Course Documents) to open 
  2. Select Build Content; click the down chevron to select Item
  3. Type a Name and type in a description in theText area if desired
  4. Select Browse Content Collection under Attachments - the Content area window will open - select the folder where the Impaticized files were placed (in steps above)
  5. Place a check in the box to select the “.html” file click Submit
  6. Select Options desired (Make available; Track Views; Select Date/times), click Submit

Printable PDF Instructions