Course documents can be files (PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations for example) that you want students to open, download, read, and/or print.

Add Course Documents

  • Select (click) Build Content to view drop-down options; select Item under Create column
  • On the Create Item page:

Type in a Name for the item (required) and enter any information regarding the item (optional) in the text dialog box

Attachments: To attach a file select either Browse My Computer (file/document from your local computer) and select Open to upload to Blackboard or select Browse Content Collection. On the Content Collection windows, locate the file to be attached and place a check mark in the box to the left of the item name; click Submit. The file(s) will show in the Attached Files area

Options:  Permit Users to View Content: Yes/No; Track Number of Views: Yes/No or Date/Time Restrictions (optional)

  • Click Submit 

View/Open/Edit/Overwrite Course Documents

Once the file/document is attached and available in Blackboard accessing the document's "action menu" Action Menu Itemsby clicking the down arrow to the right of the file name will display additional options.

360 View: The 360 view shows item's permissions, links and properties

Open: Downloads and opens the item in its original application

Edit Settings: Change/select permission options and/or tracking and

Overwrite:If you revise the document, instead of deleting the content and uploading the revised document - Select "overwrite". This replaces the document and avoids duplicate "copies" in the course content (for large documents -- saves quota!)

Are Your Courses Constantly "Exceeding Quota"?

Do you upload documents, documents and more documents for students to review but find that either the quantity or the size keeps pushing your course quota over the limit! THERE IS A SOLUTION - use your LTU Google Drive to save Blackboard quota and your time in requesting additional space in Blackboard.

Want to know how!

  • Create a Google Drive folder (go to Google Drive from your LTU mail)
  • Create a (New) folder in drive with a specific name; e.g., Weekly Course Documents
  • Drag/drop the documents, items, pictures, files from your computer to the newly created folder. Now share the folder
  • Select Share (either right click on the folder name or click the "share" icon.
  • Select Change from "Who can access" and select option for "Anyone at Lawrence Tech with link" (make sure access is "Can view") and Save
  • Copy the "link to share" so that you can add this to Blackboard.
  • In Blackboard, select menu area desired, select Create Item, type in Name and in the text box make sure that you indicate what the item contains; e.g., Google Drive folder containing weekly readings. Click this link (use the Insert/Edit Link icon in the text box), paste the link -- you are done.

Students are now able to view all the documents in the shared folder from Google Drive and you have saved your Blackboard course quota space!

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