Course documents can be files (PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations for example) that you want students to open, download, read, and/or print.

Add Course Documents

  1. Select (click) Build Content to view drop-down options; select Item under Create column
  2. On the Create Item page:
  • Content Information
    • Type in a Name for the item (required)
    • Enter any information regarding the item (optional)
  • Attachments
    • Attach File:
      • Browse My Computer: Select the file/document from your local computer; select Open to upload to Blackboard
      • Browse Content Collection: When the Content Collection windows opens, locate the file to be attached. Place a checkmark in the box to the left of the item name; click Submit. Select OK to give Read permission to course users. The file will show in the Attached Files area
    • Options:  
      • Permit Users to View Content: Yes/No
      • Track Number of Views: Yes/No
      • Date/Time Restrictions (optional)

Click Submit 

View/Open/Edit/Overwrite Course Documents

Once attached and available in Blackboard accessing the document's "action menu" ActionMenuItemsallows you to view linked information (360 view) regarding the item, open the item in the application, edit the item's settings and overwrite file.

360 View: The 360 view shows item's permissions, links and properties

Open: Downloads and opens the item in its original application

Edit Settings: Change/select permission options and/or tracking

Overwrite: If you revise the document, instead of "removing" select "overwrite". This allows you to upload the revised item without having to "rename"/"remove" the original

Download PDF