Course documents can be files (PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations for example) that you want students to open, download, read, and/or print.

Add Course Documents

  • Select (click) Build Content to view drop-down options; select Item under Create column
  • On the Create Item page:

Type in a Name for the item (required) and enter any information regarding the item (optional) in the text dialog box

Attachments: To attach a file select either Browse My Computer (file/document from your local computer) and select Open to upload to Blackboard or select Browse Content Collection. On the Content Collection windows, locate the file to be attached and place a check mark in the box to the left of the item name; click Submit. The file(s) will show in the Attached Files area

Options:  Permit Users to View Content: Yes/No; Track Number of Views: Yes/No or Date/Time Restrictions (optional)

  • Click Submit 

View/Open/Edit/Overwrite Course Documents

Once the file/document is attached and available in Blackboard accessing the document's "action menu" ActionMenuItemsby clicking the down arrow to the right of the file name will display additional options.

360 View: The 360 view shows item's permissions, links and properties

Open: Downloads and opens the item in its original application

Edit Settings: Change/select permission options and/or tracking and

Overwrite:If you revise the document, instead of deleting the content and uploading the revised document - Select "overwrite". This replaces the document and avoids duplicate "copies" in the course content (for large documents -- saves quota!)

Download PDF