ehelp Access Outside the US and Canada

Due to new LTU IT network security measures and GDPR regulations we are now blocking traffic from outside the US and Canada without your signed consent.

  • Resources affected are: Canvas, Bannerweb, and VPN required services such as Banner, share drives, certain software, etc.
  • LTU email is not impacted by these measures (if you only require your LTU email while out of the US or Canada, you will not need the consent form).

To obtain access to LTU systems while outside the US and Canada, Students/Faculty/Staff will need to complete the the consent form sent to you via Docusign, at which time you will be provided an exception for connectivity through a special VPN connection and two factor authentication through DUO.

Your signed consent ensures compliance with necessary privacy laws and security measures at LTU. Signed consent forms will be valid for one academic year (August–July), and will need to be signed each subsequent year.

Please contact the Help Desk at 248.204.2330 or to obtain the consent form.