The eMotoRacing series is the premier zero emissions motorcycle road racing series in the US. The eMotoRacing was established in 2014 to fill the demand for a zero-emissions motorcycle racing series that would demonstrate advanced and compact e-superbike technology and excitement. Though the fortunes of research, development, manufacturing and testing are unpredictable. Competing University teams in this series include Rochester Institute of Tech, Virginia Tech, Penn State, University of Calgary, Sherbrooke University in Quebec, Ohio State and University of Michigan. Other programs such as Lawrence Techs are in their infancy.

The track has changed to Gingerman Raceway located in Michigan for the weekend of August 24. Here they will be exhausting their battery packs and testing their bike to the limit on the Thunderbolt Raceway. Our rider, Elliot Hayward will be riding side by side riders from all over North-America reaching top speeds of up to 155 mph all with hopes of being in Varsity Challenge Victory Lane 2019.

Ginger Man Raceway

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