Responsibilities for Students Utilizing the AAC for Testing

  1. Students who need academic accommodations, such as extended time and a reduced distraction setting for quizzes/exams, must first be registered with the Office of Disability Services.

  2. Before contacting the AAC, talk to your instructor about when they plan to give your upcoming quiz or exam. It is up to you and your professor to both discuss, then agree, on a test time and day. Whether you both decide for you to take the quiz/exam at the same time as your scheduled class time (but in the AAC) or at a different time and date, that is between you and the instructor.

  3. To use the AAC test-taking services, contact the AAC at least 48 hours in advance to schedule an appointment time to take your quiz/exam. Call the AAC even if it's less than 48 hours, they will try to accommodate you.
    • Important: During the week of final examinations, the Academic Achievement Center proctors around 100 tests and as such cannot guarantee space to students that wait until the last minute to make their appointments. So, please make your appointments as soon as possible during that time.

  4. Once an appointment has been made, inform your instructor of the date and time of your appointment. At this point, your professor will be responsible for their duties in relation to the AAC accommodation process.

  5. Students may only take the exam during the time that they have scheduled. If the student misses an appointment, he or she must obtain permission from the faculty member to take the exam on a new date, reschedule the exam, and start the process all over again.
    • If a student misses an appointment the exam will be sent back to the professor the next business morning.

 Please see the Official AAC General Testing Policies for more information.