It's As Easy As These Couple Steps...

  1. Intake appointment and forms: Schedule an intake appointment with a staff representative from the Disability Services Office by calling 248.204.4100 or emailing us at The Disability Services Student Intake Form, the Authorization to Disclosure Information Form, Disability Services Priority Registration Form and the Disability Verification Form can all be filled out prior to your intake appointment.
  2. Provide documentation of disability: If you want to register with LTU’s Disability Services Office, you must have sufficient documentation*. At a minimum, documentation of a disability must appear on official letterhead from a licensed medical, diagnostic or psychological professional and includes a diagnosis, scope or degree of involvement, and summary of related functional limitations. If you have documentation of your disability from your secondary education institution, such as an IEP (Individualized Education Plan), this could also help in the way of determining your LTU academic accommodations. However, it is encouraged that evaluators fill out our Disability Verification Form. This would also be an appropriate time to bring any other medical documentation you already have.
    •  *Additional information may be requested if the information provided is not sufficient for determining needed accommodations.
  3. Meet with a Disability Services Representative: At the intake appointment you will discuss the history of your disability with a Disability Services staff member. From here, appropriate and reasonable accommodations will be discussed and agreed upon by both parties. Accommodation memos will then be emailed to each of your professors detailing the class and/or examination accommodations you are approved for.
    • *As per our confidentiality policy, no information regarding the student’s specific disability will be disclosed on the accommodation memos unless specified by student.
  4. Schedule follow up appointments: After your intake appointment, follow up appointments can be scheduled at any time with the Disability Services Office. 
  5. Changes*: You are tasked with notifying the Disability Services Office if circumstances change or additional needs arise. This can include some of the following:
    • The dropping/adding of classes
    • The decision to take a semester off
    • Additional accommodations are needed

*Note: It is the student’s responsibility to notify the Office of Disability Services of any schedule changes to assure the proper accommodations are made in a timely manner.