General Disability Services Forms to Register for Academic Accommodations

Required Forms
Disability Services Student Intake Form - This form asks for basic student information, including but not limited to address, contact information, class standing, and major.

 Disability Services Verification Form  - This form must be completed by a medical provider. An IEP or 504 may be submitted in its place, if the student has one.

Optional Forms
Authorization to Disclose Information Form - This form provides university staff and faculty with permission to disclose any information pertaining to the student's academic record, financial aid status, housing record, and financial account. 

Disability Services Priority Registration Form - This form provides students with priority registration (registration the first day that registration opens). It also notifies certain offices that the student is a student with disabilities (SWD); however, it does not disclose any information about the disability.

Disability Housing Accommodation Request Form

Disability Housing Accommodation Request Form - This form should be completed if a student is seeking a housing accommodation. A medical provider must complete this form. Completion of this form does not guarantee an accommodation. 

Additional documentation needed to request a housing accommodation:

A cover letter detailing the reason for the request, the accommodations requested, and how the requested accommodations would provide access. The cover letter should be at least one page, typed, and double spaced.

Visit the Disability Housing Accommodations page to learn more information about requesting housing accommodations.

Meal Plan Accommodation Request Form

Meal Plan Accommodation Request Form - This form should be completed if a student is seeking a meal plan accommodation due to a disability-related reason. The Office of Disability Services does not provide exemptions from the meal plan. The Meal Plan Accommodation Request form is to request a meal plan reduction. Completion of this form does not guarantee a reduction.