What is Firefly?

Firefly is an online extension of Kurzweil and is LTU's primary desktop text-to-speech software. Kurzweil users are automatically granted online storage space - documents uploaded to this space can then be read with Firefly. Unlike Kurzweil, Firefly is a web-based application, and thus can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection.

Getting Started

If you are a registered Kurzweil user, you can simply log in to Firefly using your same Kurzweil credentials. If you are not already a Kurzweil user,  visit the Kurzweil page  to learn how to create an account.

Visit the Firefly Website

iPad App

Kurzweil has recently released a free Firefly app for iPad. This app functions exactly like online Firefly - you will be able to access your files from your iPad anywhere you have an internet connection. For more information, please see  Firefly's page  in the app store.