Responsibilities for Faculty Whose Students Utilize the AAC for Testing

  1. Faculty are notified of students in their class(es) who are afforded academic accommodations, such as extended time and a reduced distraction setting for quizzes/exams. This notification will come in the form of an Accommodation Memo.

  2. Before a student contacts the AAC to schedule a test-taking appointment, both you and the student should discuss, then agree, on a test time and day. Whether you both decide for the student to take the quiz/exam at the same time as the scheduled class time (but in the AAC) or at a different time and date, that is between you and the student.

  3. It is the responsibility of the student to make the appointment with the AAC and to notify you of the finalized date and time of the scheduled quiz or exam. Professors may not schedule an appointment for a student.

  4. The faculty member must bring/email a copy of the student's exam to the AAC, along with the Testing Services Request Form fully filled out and signed (email is used in place of signature if submitted electronically). Both documents must be sent to the AAC at least 2 hours prior to the student's scheduled appointment.
    • This can be done electronically to, in person, or through campus mail. Links to electronic copies of the form are found here.
    • Reminder: For students with documented disabilities, refer to the Accommodation Memo provided to you by the Office of Disability Services when determining proctoring instructions. Any questions or concerns about students with disability accommodations should be addressed to the Disability Services Office.

  5. The AAC Staff will proctor the test and deliver the completed test the next business day. Faculty members have the option to pick-up their tests.

Please see the Official AAC General Testing Policies for more information.