Cerebral palsy may affect motor ability and/or speech. It does not affect intelligence. Unless the person is very severely disabled, or has the involvement of other disabilities, no accommodation may be needed for the interview itself. On the job pathways need to kept clear, and the person may require their desktop to be reorganized so items can be easily accessed. Depending on the needs of the individual, some minor adjustments (hardware &/or software) may be necessary.

Cerebral palsy may affect an individual’ motor ability and/or speech, but it does not affect intelligence.

1.      The severity and functional effects of the disability vary from person to person. Some involuntary or halting movement or limitation of movement in one or more than one appendage may be observed, as well as some lisping, indistinct speech or flatness of tone due to lack of fine motor control and lips.

2.      If the applicant’s speech is difficult to understand, do not hesitate to ask the applicant to repeat him or her self. It benefits no one to pretend you understand when you do not.

3.      Some people who have severe cerebral palsy communicate more effectively by writing, typing, or using communication boards or electronic devices. If this is the case, the person with a disability may not mind having his or her sentences finished by you in order to save time and energy. It is very important, though, to confirm this before doing it.

4.      Repeat the information provided by the person so that he or she can tell you whether you understood what was said and meant.