When Making the Transition...

The transition from high school to college is a challenging, rewarding, and exciting process. But let us not forget that information is key to making this journey a success! Below are some quick bits of information that all high school students should understand prior to applying for postsecondary education. This information is very important for students with disabilities to know since there are similarities and differences between high school and college services and accommodations.

  • Colleges do not provide personal aides but they may assist in making arrangements.
  • Generally have extended time on quizzes and exams, but not unlimited time.
  • There is no extra time to complete homework assignments, projects, term papers, etc. (Time Management is Key!).
  • No modified assignments, such as as shortened length.
  • Confidentiality of education records (FERPA) - this does not allow parents to discuss information without a student release form.
  • The typical college schedule demands very different time management skills compared to high school.
  • No resource room or special education classes.
  • Colleges rely less on human readers/scribes and more on technology (However, this does not mean that such accommodations are not available).
  • Colleges rely on diagnostic information to assist students but do not use the IEP process.
  • Documentation requirements vary from one institution to another. It is important to become informed as to what is required at each college. Information on how to register with LTU's Office of Disability Services can be found here.

~Check out the table below for more important information on the differences between K-12 and College~

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