Service Animals

Lawrence Tech recognizes service animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Read more about the ADA's definition and criteria for a service animal here: ADA Requirements for a Service Animal

Students attending LTU who plan to bring their service animal to campus can complete our Service Animal Registration Form, which provides our office with information about their service animal. This form is optional. 

Emotional Support Animals

Students who would like to request to bring an ESA into campus housing must complete and submit the following forms and documentation:

  • Emotional Support Animal Accommodation Request Form
    :This form, and all relevant information, must be completed or provided by a qualified mental health professional (MD Physicians, etc. will not be accepted). LTU Clinical Counselors will not be accepted, as we need a non LTU employee to fill out the paperwork. We will not accept documentation from a member of the student’s family, regardless of their professional status. All documentation and subsequent accommodations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please note: hand written documentation on a prescription pad OR a letter from your Mental Health Professional does not meet this criteria.  This form needs to be completed in its entirety.
  • Picture of ESA: The student must provide the Office of Disability Services a picture of the ESA. This picture should be a full body image of the ESA. Please note: ESAs are required to be at least 12 months of age.  The ESA’s size and weight must be appropriate for the type of housing unit the student lives in.
  • Cover letter with the following information:
    • Type of ESA they are requesting (ex: dog, cat, rabbit, etc.), which should include size, weight and breed.
    • Why they are requesting the ESA
    • What will the impact be on them personally if they are not permitted to have and ESA
  • Southfield Pet License: You will be required to license your ESA with the City of Southfield Police Department per City of Southfield policy.
  • Roommate Agreement Form (if you have a roommate): This form must be signed by all of your roommates before we can approve your ESA to be in housing. Please ask your roommates to sign this form if they are comfortable living with an ESA in the dorm. If your roommates do not want to sign this form, please let us know and we will work on finding a solution.
  • Animal Registration Form: This form gives us more information about your ESA
  • Proof of clean bill of health (with dates) from a licensed veterinarian: Please include the dates of all necessary vaccinations (clean bill of health/vaccination record must be renewed annually to bring ESA back into campus housing)
Once submitted, the Office of Disability Services will review the documentation. If your request is approved, you will still need to have your animal approved before bringing it on campus, which requires a meeting with our housing representative to review the Assistance Animal Policy